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Package glass

Welcome to Glass!


Glass is a simple Web server based on classes from the standard Python library.


Glass is a simple-to-use, extremely small, multi-threaded Web server that sits in front of Aquarium.

Although Nessus was unable to find any vulnerabilities in Glass, please note that it is still easy to DoS Glass. It is not my goal to try to replace Apache. You might even want to use Apache as a proxy in front of Glass. The Glass Web server adaptor documentation explains how.

Getting Started

from glass.HTTPServer import test

Note that test is just a thin wrapper around the glass.HTTPServer.HTTPServer. Switch to calling glass.HTTPServer.HTTPServer directly once you are up and running.

Learning More

Glass's architecture is mostly the result of the architecture in SocketServer and BaseHTTPServer. Here are the main pieces of Glass:

This contains most of what makes a server a server.
This subclasses BaseHTTPServer. It knows how to handle an HTTP request including when and how to pass it off to Aquarium.
This is a trivial "configuration file".
This is a package for modules called "server types". See glass.servertype.Standard.

  • HTTPHandler: This class understands Aquarium, pyscripts, and server contexts.
  • HTTPServer: This is a replacement for BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer.
  • ServerContext: This is a "configuration" class for server contexts.
  • servertype
    • Standard: This servertype is for normal sockets and normal threads.
  • seteids: This module contains the seteids function.
  • vfs
    • Standard: This is a vfs class for the normal filesystem.
    • Zip: This is a vfs class for zip files.

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