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Class HasFriends

Known Subclasses:

This mixin supports autoloading of "friend" methods.

That means if you have a class like aquarium.widget.FormUtil, and you try to call a function fooBar on that class, FormUtil (assuming it mixes in this class) will automatically import aquarium.widget.formutil.fooBar (notice that the FormUtil class is automatically associated with the formutil package) and return the fooBar function. fooBar will behave as if it were actually a method inside FormUtil. fooBar should be implemented as a normal method that just happens to receive a FormUtil instance named self as its first argument.

Method Summary
  __getattr__(self, attr)
Return the desired friend method.

Method Details

__getattr__(self, attr)
(Qualification operator)

Return the desired friend method.

Note, these methods will be cached in self._friendCache.

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