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Package aquarium.util

Setup the package search path.

  • ActionResults: Use this if you want more than just a string for actionResults.
  • Aquarium: This class encapsulates the main flow of control for Aquarium.
  • AquariumClass: This is the base class for most Aquarium classes.
  • AquariumTemplate: This is the base class for Cheetah templates used with Aquarium.
  • AutoLoader: This mixin supports autoloading.
  • ContainerClass: This is a trivial class that acts like a container.
  • Context: Each request will have a new context.
  • Curry: This class is a curry (think functional programming).
  • FormDict: Translate a cgi.FieldStorage into a (possibly recursive) dict.
  • FormValid: This module contains classes to help validate user input.
  • HasFriends: This mixin supports autoloading of "friend" methods.
  • HTTPResponses: Create constants for the HTTP responses.
  • InternalLibrary: This is the "standard library" for Aquarium's structure.
  • Ports: These are the standard ports for HTTP and HTTPS, etc.
  • ProtectUTF8: Temporarily convert a UTF-8 string to Unicode to prevent breakage.
  • TryFinally: This is a convenient way to deeply nest try/finally statements.

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str packageType = 'util'

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