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Module aquarium.session.DatabaseSessionContainer

This is a session module which uses a database backend.

This session module is appropriate for environments such as CGI and mod_python. This module itself uses different database backends in order to work with different databases. aquarium.database.mysql.Session comes by default, but this can easily be ported to other databases. Please see the appropriate database module for details such as what tables need to be created.

To use this module, you'll need something like the following in AquariumProperties:

SESSION_CONTAINER_MODULE = "DatabaseSessionContainer"

# This is the name of the backend that
# aquarium.session.DatabaseSessionContainer should use.  This is a module
# name relative to the database package.


The following attributes are used:

This is an instance of the backend.

DatabaseSession This is the session.
DatabaseSessionContainer This is the session container.

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