Package aquarium :: Package urlscheme :: Package decorator :: Module UrlSchemeDecorator :: Class UrlSchemeDecorator
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Class UrlSchemeDecorator

AquariumClass --+

Known Subclasses:

Subclasses of this class decorate (i.e. "wrap") urlscheme modules.

Whereas urlscheme modules are often very concerned with dealing with arbitrary Web server URL madness, urlscheme decorator modules are more concerned with aesthetic URLs. Hence, you can have a urlscheme module, such as PathInfo, which is appropriate for CGI under Apache, and you can wrap it with a mythical urlscheme.decorator.Backwards module that reads and writes the PathInfo backwards. urlscheme.decorator.Backwards could similarly wrap any of the other standard urlscheme modules. In the example above, you would put the following in AquariumProperties:

URL_SCHEME = "decorator.Backwards/PathInfo"

Which is read as "decorator.Backwards over PathInfo". Yes, you can decorate decorators ;)

The following properties are used:

This is the urlscheme instance this instance wraps.

Method Summary
  __init__(self, ctx, inner)
Accept ctx and inner.
  __getattr__(self, attr)
Let self.inner take care of it.

Method Details

__init__(self, ctx, inner)

Accept ctx and inner.


__getattr__(self, attr)
(Qualification operator)

Let self.inner take care of it.

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