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Class PathInfo

AquariumClass --+    
  QueryParameters --+

This URL scheme is based on PATH_INFO.

PATH_INFO is used to the set the screen in the URL's. Otherwise, this class is just like aquarium.urlscheme.QueryParameters, which this class derives from.

See aquarium.urlscheme.UrlSchemeAPI.

Hiding the index.cgi or index.fcgi in Apache with mod_rewrite

To change URLs such as into URLs such as under Apache, use mod_rewrite:

<Directory "/var/www/html">

# This rewrites the URL so that everything that isn't a static file
# goes through index.fcgi.  Change the .fcgi to .cgi if you're not
# using FastCGI.
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.fcgi/$1 [L]

Method Summary
  screen(self, screen, vars, secure)
Return a dynamic URL for the given screen.
Which screen does the user want to view?
    Inherited from QueryParameters
  __init__(self, ctx)
Extend __init__ to handle proxying.
  addSid(self, vars)
Add the sid to a given dictionary of vars, if appropriate.
  addVars(self, url, vars)
Add the given vars to the url and return it.
Return the default scheme, either http:// or https://.
  getPort(self, scheme)
Given a scheme, return the port string, as appropriate.
  getRootUrl(self, secure)
Figure out the URL for the root of this site.
  getScheme(self, secure)
Return http:// or https://.
  hiddenFormFields(self, screen, vars)
Return necessary hidden form fields.
  img(self, img, secure)
Return an URL to an image.
  static(self, file, secure)
Return an URL for something relative to the root URL.

Method Details

screen(self, screen, vars=None, secure=-1)

Return a dynamic URL for the given screen.



Which screen does the user want to view?


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