Package Cheetah :: Package Utils :: Module WebInputMixin :: Class WebInputMixin
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Class WebInputMixin

Known Subclasses:

A mixin class for Cheetah.Template with a method for importing 
web transaction variables in bulk.  Depends on a base class of
Webware [HTTP]Servlet.

Method Summary
  webInput(self, names, namesMulti, default, src, defaultInt, defaultFloat, badInt, badFloat, debug)
Import web transaction variables in bulk.

Class Variable Summary
classobj NonNumericInputError = Cheetah.Utils.WebInputMixin.NonNumericInputError

Method Details

webInput(self, names, namesMulti=(), default='', src='f', defaultInt=0, defaultFloat=0.0, badInt=0, badFloat=0.0, debug=False)

Import web transaction variables in bulk.  See module docstring.

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