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Class ConfigParserCaseSensitive

RawConfigParser --+    
       ConfigParser --+

A case sensitive version of the standard Python ConfigParser.

Method Summary
  optionxform(self, optionstr)
Don't change the case as is done in the default implemenation.
    Inherited from ConfigParser
  get(self, section, option, raw, vars)
Get an option value for a given section.
  items(self, section, raw, vars)
Return a list of tuples with (name, value) for each option in the section.
  _interpolate(self, section, option, rawval, vars)
  _interpolation_replace(self, match)
    Inherited from RawConfigParser
  __init__(self, defaults)
  add_section(self, section)
Create a new section in the configuration.
  getboolean(self, section, option)
  getfloat(self, section, option)
  getint(self, section, option)
  has_option(self, section, option)
Check for the existence of a given option in a given section.
  has_section(self, section)
Indicate whether the named section is present in the configuration.
  options(self, section)
Return a list of option names for the given section name.
  read(self, filenames)
Read and parse a filename or a list of filenames.
  readfp(self, fp, filename)
Like read() but the argument must be a file-like object.
  remove_option(self, section, option)
Remove an option.
  remove_section(self, section)
Remove a file section.
Return a list of section names, excluding [DEFAULT]...
  set(self, section, option, value)
Set an option.
  write(self, fp)
Write an .ini-format representation of the configuration state.
  _get(self, section, conv, option)
  _read(self, fp, fpname)
Parse a sectioned setup file.

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from ConfigParser
SRE_Pattern _KEYCRE = %\(([^\)]*)\)s|.
    Inherited from RawConfigParser
SRE_Pattern OPTCRE = ([^:=\s][^:=]*)\s*([:=])\s*(.*)$
SRE_Pattern SECTCRE = \[([^\]]+)\]
dict _boolean_states = {'on': True, 'false': False, 'no': Fal...

Method Details

optionxform(self, optionstr)

Don't change the case as is done in the default implemenation.

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